Brioche Scarf Knitting Pattern: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you a knitting enthusiast looking for a new project? Look no further than the brioche scarf! This trendy and unique pattern will have you feeling stylish and cozy in no time. In this article, we’ll provide a comprehensive guide on how to knit a brioche scarf, from choosing the right materials to finishing touches.

Materials Needed

Before beginning any knitting project, it’s important to gather all necessary materials. For the brioche scarf pattern, you will need:

  • Worsted weight yarn (2 skeins)
  • Size 7 (4.5mm) knitting needles
  • Stitch markers
  • Tapestry needle

Getting Started Brioche Stitch Pattern

  1. Cast on 28 stitches.
  2. Slip the first stitch of each row purlwise for a neat edge.
  3. Place stitch markers after the first and last stitch to easily identify the edges of the scarf.
  4. Knit one row.
  5. Begin the brioche stitch pattern.

The Brioche Stitch Pattern

The brioche stitch is what gives the scarf its unique look and texture. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Yarn over (YO), then knit the next stitch and the YO together.
  2. Repeat this across the row, ending with a knit stitch.
  3. Turn the work and slip the first stitch purlwise.
  4. YO, then slip 1 stitch purlwise, knit the YO and the next stitch together. Repeat from * to * across the row, ending with a slipped stitch.
  5. Repeat these rows until the scarf reaches your desired length.

Finishing Touches Brioche Stitch Pattern

Once your scarf has reached its desired length, it’s time to finish it off. Here’s how:

  1. Knit one row.
  2. Bind off all stitches, using a stretchy bind off method for added flexibility.
  3. Weave in any loose ends using a tapestry needle.

Tips and Tricks Brioche Stitch Pattern

  • To create a wider scarf, cast on more stitches in multiples of four.
  • Choose a soft and cozy yarn for added warmth and comfort.
  • Make sure to use stitch markers to keep track of the edges of the scarf and the brioche pattern.
  • Don’t be intimidated by the brioche stitch – once you get the hang of it, it’s a breeze!


Looking to switch things up? Here are a few variations on the brioche scarf pattern:

  • Use a chunky yarn for a thicker, cozier scarf.
  • Experiment with different colors to create a fun, multicolored scarf.
  • Add tassels or fringe for a boho-chic look.


The brioche scarf pattern is a fun and unique project that any knitting enthusiast can tackle. With the right materials and a little bit of practice, you’ll be sporting a trendy and cozy new scarf in no time.


  1. Can I use a different weight yarn for the brioche scarf pattern?
    • While the pattern is written for worsted weight yarn, you can experiment with different weights for a different look and feel.
  2. How long does it take to knit a brioche scarf?
    • This will depend on your knitting speed and the length of the scarf, but typically it can take a few days to a week to complete.
  3. Is the brioche stitch pattern difficult?
    • The brioche stitch pattern may take some practice to get the hang of, but with patience and perseverance, it can be easily mastered.


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