Crochet Tank Top Pattern Plus Size

plus size floral print tank with crocheted overlay Floral print tank
plus size floral print tank with crocheted overlay Floral print tank from


Crocheting has become a popular hobby for many people, and it’s no surprise that there is a demand for crochet patterns that cater to all body sizes. Plus-size crochet tank tops are a trendy and fashionable option for those who want to embrace their curves and create their own stylish wardrobe. In this article, we will explore different crochet tank top patterns specifically designed for plus-size individuals.

Choosing the Right Yarn

When selecting yarn for your crochet tank top, it’s essential to consider the fiber content, weight, and drape. Opt for a lightweight yarn that provides breathability and comfort during warmer months. Natural fibers like cotton or bamboo are excellent choices as they allow the skin to breathe and prevent overheating.

Selecting the Pattern

There are numerous crochet patterns available online and in crochet books that cater to plus-size individuals. Look for patterns that provide detailed instructions and include multiple size options. These patterns often include measurements to help you create a tank top that fits perfectly.

Tank Top Construction

The construction of a crochet tank top typically involves creating motifs or panels that are later stitched together. Some patterns may require you to crochet in the round, while others may involve working back and forth in rows. It’s essential to read through the pattern thoroughly before starting to familiarize yourself with the construction process.

Customizing the Fit

One of the advantages of crocheting your own tank top is the ability to customize the fit. Plus-size individuals may have different body shapes, and it’s crucial to make adjustments accordingly. Pay attention to the pattern’s instructions regarding measurements and use them as a guide to modify the pattern to fit your body perfectly.

Adjusting the Length

If you prefer a longer tank top, you can easily adjust the length of the pattern by adding more rows or rounds. Similarly, if you want a cropped tank top, you can shorten the pattern accordingly. Remember to consider your body proportions and choose a length that flatters your figure.

Modifying the Bust Area

For those with a larger bust, you may want to adjust the pattern to provide more coverage and support. This can be achieved by either adding extra stitches or incorporating bust darts into the design. Experiment with different techniques to find the best fit for your body shape.

Adding Embellishments

Once you’ve completed the base of your tank top, you can enhance its visual appeal by adding embellishments. Crochet flowers, lace trims, or even beading can give your tank top a unique and personalized touch. Be creative and experiment with different techniques to make your tank top stand out.


Crocheting a plus-size tank top allows you to create a stylish and customized garment that fits your body perfectly. With the right yarn, pattern, and modifications, you can achieve a flattering and comfortable tank top that showcases your creativity. So grab your crochet hook, choose your favorite pattern, and embark on a fun and rewarding crochet project today!

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