How to Crochet Magic Loop Tutorial

The magic circle is an incredibly useful crochet technique for starting a crochet project in the round.

Magic Circle

In this fast instructional exercise on the most proficient method to crochet a magic circle(also called a magic loop), we will be going over the bit by bit process for how to do something amazing circle with no disarray without any problem. I’m likewise going to cover a couple of purposes for this procedure and a couple of stunts I have created through training. Generally speaking, I’m persuaded that this is an incredible and simple method for beginning a crochet circle.

(In the event that you might want to go directly to my video on the best way to crochet a magic circle, you can look down towards the finish of the post and track down it there).

Despite the fact that I’m certain that others before me have done the magic circle the same way, my cycle came to fruition as I explored different avenues regarding this strategy myself. I observed that I had the option to get predictable magic circles that don’t self-destruct, and I’m eager to assist you with come by those results yourself.

The magic circle is a substitute method for starting a task where you are crocheting around in “layers”, or adjusts, as opposed to working ever changing in lines. It brings about an exceptionally close focus.

At times these undertakings are begun with a couple of chain fastens that are associated together to make a circle. Interestingly, the magic loop utilizes a straightforward loop of yarn to keep lines intact. This intends that after the magic loop is finished, the focal point of the work is extremely close and strong. Since the magic loop is clamped tighly, there is no opening in the focal point of the work the way that there for the most part is when rounds are begun with a circle of chains.

Uses for the Magic Circle

As I referenced over, the magic circle gives you an exceptionally close and strong starting to your work. Some of the time it’s attractive to have an opening solidly in the center of where the crochet adjusts start. Yet, in situations where it’s not then the magic circle is basically the best thing to utilize.

A few undertakings where it is typical to need an exceptionally strong focus include:

  • Hats worked from the top down
  • Bags worked from the bottom up
  • Potholders
  • Warm blankets
  • Rugs
  • Crochet eyes and other crochet appliques
  • Crochet Scrubbies
  • Coasters
  • Starting pretty much any amigurumi project

Side note: in the event that you believe a source should find out about amigurumi and see a few astounding ventures, look at the site Amigurumi Today. There, you can look for projects in view of ability level and see many, numerous amigurumi models. This is a genuinely astounding type of crochet that can be utilized to make pretty much whatever you could envision.

In any case, I might likewise want to call attention to another thing before we continue on.

Albeit a significant number of the things I recorded above are generally going to have a general strong plan, this doesn’t need to be the situation. The magic circle strategy can be utilized even on projects that will be extremely elegant.

For instance, you could unquestionably utilize the magic circle to begin a granny square or any sort of other fancy theme. Having this tight starting in the extremely focus doesn’t implied that the entire plan will be more strong. Rather, it is simply a question of inclination and your thought process will work best.

Alright, so with that far removed, we should take a gander at precisely the way in which we begin utilizing this simple circle method:

How to Crochet the Magic Circle step by step What you need

To start, you just need a couple of yards of yarn and a proper estimated snare. As consistently with gaining some new useful knowledge, I energetically suggest you utilize a smoother, strong yarn and not something excessively fluffy, finished, or diverse. Fundamentally, whatever could make it harder to see your fastens and work is best left for after you are OK with another expertise.

Getting Started

In any case, there are a couple ways that I have seen to begin your loop, yet I will portray the way that I kind of found. This is to begin by making a free slip hitch.

In the event that you are by chance not acquainted with the slip hitch, you can see it showed in my video underneath. Or on the other hand, you can likewise investigate my post which incorporates bearings for making a slip tie and the chain join.

Uses for the Magic Circle

The key here is that you don’t pull your slip hitch tight like you regularly would. All things considered, leave it free and perhaps somewhat bigger than typical. You will be working join into this open bunch in a second, so attempt to make that simple for yourself.

The other thing to see is your tail of yarn. You will need to have a fairly liberal yarn tail for this, so I would suggest having it around six inches long.

Notes on the yarn tail

There are two purposes behind ensuring you have a sufficient yarn tail. Most importantly, you need a more drawn out tail with the goal that it will not impede you as effectively while you work your fastens. On the off chance that you watch my video you will perceive the way my tail attempts to disrupt everything a couple of times. I ought to have had it longer however ideally you can gain from me!

Besides, you will need a more drawn out tail since, in such a case that you wind in a greater amount of your tail(I suggest winding around it around the foundation of your fastens a couple of times when you are finished), that will assist with keeping your magic circle secure throughout the span of time. Clearly you may not utilize your whole tail, but rather in the event that you leave it longer, any extra can continuously be managed.

The subsequent stage is to join into your recently made magic loop as a matter of fact.

Stitching into your circle

Since you have your magic loop began, the following part includes working join into the middle. In my model in the video, I’m utilizing twofold crochet fastens, yet any line that you want for your example ought to work.

Remember that the taller your join are, the a greater amount of them you should help to make out circle. I found that with my weight of yarn, crocheting around ten twofold crochet join made a decent outcome utilizing the magic circle.

my magic circle with some stitches
my magic circle with some stitches

Anything that join you are utilizing, you should chain the proper number of stitches(two for my situation) to get going your circle. You will do this straightforwardly after the slip tie that you have on your snare.

From that point forward, you will crochet each of your required fastens into the focal point of your loop. Once more, this is the piece of the slip hitch that would regularly be straightened out prior to beginning a chain.

At the point when you are happy with the quantity of lines, you can slip join into the highest point of your beginning chain to shut everything down total your circle.

Cinching your magic circle closed

At last, the last and most significant step is to secure your magic circle shut extremely, firmly.

I’m not kidding in saying that you will need to pull this loop shut as firmly as you can without breaking your yarn or harming yourself. You do this just by pulling on the yarn tail. The foundations of the relative multitude of fastens you just made ought to be assembled equitably, and when you quit pulling nothing ought to appear as though it relaxed back.

Two things will keep this circle of yarn quite secure for quite a while. The first is the means by which firmly you snap it, and the second is the way lengthy of a tail you wind around in.

Thus, since we take care of the means for the magic circle method exhaustively, it might assist a ton with seeing it done at the same time:

Final Encouragement


It is a beneficial pursuit to need to continue to improve. Since it is now so obvious how to do something amazing loop, you currently have another method at your disposal that can be utilized to make large numbers of your crochet projects far superior.

Before you go, make a point to get my lord rundown of 101 crochet thoughts. I send this out as a little something extra for joining my rundown, however I truly think you’ll partake in the week after week tips and consolation, as well!

And furthermore, to share your instances of the magic circle, go ahead and share them! I couldn’t want anything more than to see what you make.

Remember to stick this for later to recollect how to make a magic circle without any problem.

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