Plus Size Crochet: Embrace Your Curves And Create Beautiful Pieces

Plus Size Crochet Tunics Beautiful Crochet Stuff
Plus Size Crochet Tunics Beautiful Crochet Stuff from


As the fashion industry becomes more diverse and inclusive, plus size women are finally getting the attention they deserve. One trend that has gained popularity in recent years is plus size crochet. This versatile and creative craft allows curvy women to express their personal style while embracing their curves. In this article, we will explore the world of plus size crochet, from tips and tricks to reviews of the best patterns and tutorials.

Choosing the Right Yarn

When it comes to crochet, choosing the right yarn is crucial. For plus size projects, it’s important to select yarn that has a bit of stretch and drape. Look for fibers like cotton or bamboo, as they will provide the necessary flexibility and comfort. Avoid bulky yarns that may add unnecessary bulk to your project. Opt for medium weight or sport weight yarn for a more flattering fit.

Flattering Plus Size Crochet Patterns

There are plenty of crochet patterns out there that are specifically designed for plus size women. Look for patterns that offer customization options, such as adjustable waistbands or length. Tunics, cardigans, and shawls are great choices for curvy women as they provide coverage and flatter the figure. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different stitch patterns and textures to create unique and eye-catching pieces.

Tips for a Perfect Fit

When crocheting for plus size, it’s important to take accurate measurements to ensure a perfect fit. Measure your bust, waist, hips, and arm circumference to determine the size you will need. Adjust the pattern accordingly to accommodate your measurements. Additionally, consider adding shaping techniques such as increases or decreases to create a more tailored look. Don’t forget to try on your project as you go to make any necessary adjustments.

Online Resources and Tutorials

Thanks to the internet, there are numerous online resources and tutorials available for plus size crochet. Websites like Ravelry and Pinterest offer a wide range of patterns specifically designed for curvy women. YouTube is also a great platform to find step-by-step video tutorials that guide you through the entire crochet process. Take advantage of these resources to learn new techniques and gain inspiration for your next project.

Recommended Plus Size Crochet Blogs

If you’re looking for more inspiration and guidance, there are several plus size crochet blogs worth checking out. These blogs often feature personal stories, tips, and free patterns. Some popular blogs include “Curvy Crochet” and “Plus Size Stitching.” Follow these blogs to connect with fellow curvy crocheters and stay updated on the latest trends and techniques.

Embracing Your Curves Through Crochet

Plus size crochet is not just about creating beautiful garments; it’s about embracing your curves and feeling confident in your own skin. Crocheting allows you to express your creativity and make garments that are tailored to your unique body shape. The process of crocheting can also be meditative and therapeutic, providing a sense of calm and self-acceptance. So grab your yarn and hook, and start crocheting your way to body positivity and style.


Plus size crochet is a wonderful way for curvy women to express their personal style and create garments that fit and flatter their bodies. With the right yarn, patterns, and techniques, you can create beautiful and unique pieces that showcase your creativity and embrace your curves. So why not give plus size crochet a try? Discover the joy of creating garments that are tailor-made for you and join the growing community of curvy crocheters.

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